The Wilderness of Life




A wilderness is usually a barren area, a place of solitude, which is devoid of people. It could be a dry place usually filled with many threats and dangers that make living conditions very hostile. The Wilderness Experience describes experiences we might inevitably have to go through once (or many times) in Life. It?s an experience that will test our strengths physically, emotionally, psychologically, and ultimately test our faith and trust in God.

It is necessary to identify such situations and experiences and act appropriately in accordance to God?s will. It is also necessary that we do not resort to complaining like the Children of Israel, or accusing God for our misfortunes in the heat of these experiences.

The Wilderness of Life examines some particular cases of Bible characters who went through such wilderness experiences and came out stronger and victorious. It is meant to test us and draw us closer to God to enable us have valuable experiences and lessons to share with others when they face the same challenges.


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