Hold on to Your Vision




Your vision is the picture of your future conceived in your mind that you are ready to passionately pursue to a logical conclusion. All men can fantasize about tomorrow; few, however, are ready to confront the challenges that stand between the conception of a dream and it’s delivery into reality.

My father told me when I was about 10 years old that he wanted me to become a medical doctor. Between that pronouncement and its realization, 15 years later, stood several obstacles.

Uppermost was poverty; my father was a refuse collector in the local council at Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. We lived in a mud house with no electricity, pipe-borne water, toilet, or bathrooms.

When he retired in April 1973, he became a gateman in a hotel where my former schoolmates were lodged and they knew he was my father.

I could not afford a suit for matriculation, so I borrowed one. I borrowed the matriculation gown I wore. I had very few books to read, so I had to borrow books to read.

Despite several other challenges, I still graduated as a Medical Doctor and worked in the same hospital where my father used to gather refuse.

This book contains the ingredients to bake a great vision, and the mental and spiritual adhesives you need to hold on firmly to your vision.

God Bless You.


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