The Unstoppable People: Achieving Your Dreams in Spite of Obstacles




Mark Twain rightly said that there are many excuses for failure but no good reason.
This book takes a look at several Biblical characters who, despite the obstacles they faced, were able to overcome them and excel. Dr. Charles also looked at people outside the Bible who were not stopped by their challenges in life. There are key principles enumerated in this book that are common to people who have overcome several challenges.
He writes from a viewpoint of personal experience. He had illiterate parents, grew up in the slums of Warri, Nigeria, left a mud house to one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Nigeria and then to an elitist school for higher education. He subsequently graduated as a Medical Doctor from one of the best medical schools in the British Commonwealth then. He was able to set up a private Practice at 29 and retired at 40. He had to borrow books to read in medical school, but today, his son is a medical doctor in Germany. He speaks to kings and the elite today, even though he barely passed his English language exams.
Failure is a choice, not a verdict.


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