Digging Your Gold




In each individual there is a deposit of potentials covered by challenges. Gold is usually covered by sand either underneath the earth or in a river bed. You either dig for it or you do what is called panning after digging in a river bed. Gold has to be refined to get value out of it. After refinement it needs to be shaped and designed into ornaments and jewellery to increase its value.
Many individuals are like many third world nations that have mineral resources that are untapped or exported as raw materials in unrefined forms. Others are like Mr. Sutter who discovered gold in his property during the gold rush in the Sacramento valley in 1848 but lost the rights to it to outsiders and died poor.
This book will teach you how to do exploits and exploit your potentials, refine them, and increase your value in life.
By the grace of God, I have made maximal use of the deposits in my life. I am not done yet because every potential discovered and refined creates another potential to be refined and developed.
God Bless You.


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