Nobody Will Tell You This: A Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life




Are you interested in reading a book that challenges the very foundation of how you see the world? A lot of books have been written on politics, religion, education, society, and on fear. Yet, almost none of these books have shown the link between the foundations of modern society and fear as a primal instinct.

Our society today takes freedom for granted. We live in societies where we have the freedom to choose our presidents and parliamentarians, our religion, to subscribe to whatever political opinions we deem fit, and to train our children however we want. But how much of the choices we make are really of our free will? This book you are about to read is an expose of how society controls and conditions our choices through fear.

This book has been written to have a wide appeal. We all live in a common society and share common realities irrespective of our geographical differences. Politics, religion, education, and fear are topics we can all relate to. Are you a politician, an educationist, a devoted religionist, an activist, a philosopher, or just a leisure reader? No matter what title you bear, this book has something to offer you.


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